Fire Warden


A Fire Warden or Fire Marshall has specific duties to perform to ensure that an establishment can cope and ensure, to the best of their ability, that if a fire happens everyone can leave that establishment safely and as quickly as possible.


Who the course is aimed at:

Do you know the what the role of a Fire Warden consists of? Do you know checks that the Fire Warden has to perform on a regular basis? Or the protocol to take during a real fire? This course is aimed at people in an organisation who may be Fire Wardens in their establishment on how to perform their duties correctly.

What does the course cover:

The role of the Fire Warden and why the role is important to work safety

What is required of the Fire Warden and how to carry this out

The causes of workplace fires and what actions can be taken to prevent them

How to evacuate their workforce – Fire Drills and Roll Call

How to use a fire extinguisher

Training Outcomes:

Understanding of the key legislation involving fire safety.

The legal requirement for workplace safety

Ensures your workplace becomes a safe environment with a competent person who is trained to spot and eliminate hazards and risks

Raises awareness of the importance of a Fire Warden’s role and the positive effect they have during a fire alarm

Ensure fire risks in the workplace are identified and responsibly reduced

Free Risk Assessment Forms.

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