Health & Safety Awareness


This course has been created to provide information on why health and safety in the workplace is important to employers and employees and what you must do in accordance to the UK legislation to ensure your health and safety at work.


Who the course is aimed at:

This course is designed for employees of all levels and is particularly suited to new workers who are required to take health and safety induction training at the start of their employment. The course will give you a basic understanding of general health and safety practices in the workplace

What does the course cover:

Accidents and ill health at work

Health and Safety Law

Workplace Health and Safety Welfare

Workplace equipment

Occupational Health of workers

Training Outcomes:

What health and safety at work is and why it is important

Your and your employers responsibility for upholding health and safety

Safety measures and procedures your employer will put in place and how you can uphold them.

Identifying work related hazards and risks

What People Say

Case Study – The Leprosy Mission

Peterborough based charity The Leprosy Mission is an international organisation that provides diagnosis, treatment and specialist care for those suffering from leprosy. The organisation wanted to ensure it was meeting its moral and legal duty of care to both its volunteers and permanent staff. However, realising this aim was a drain on the charity’s resources,Read more about Case Study – The Leprosy Mission[…]