Legionella Awareness


Legionella is bacteria which can lead to Legionnaires Disease through warm aerosol producing systems such as Air Conditioning Units. This course will raise awareness to all those that has these systems on site and what precautions can be taken to ensure that people are not exposed to this potentially harmful bacterium.


Who the course is aimed at:

This course is aimed at anyone in a supervisory or management position who works in an establishment that has warm aerosol producing systems in place.

What does the course cover:

What is Legionella

The results of being infected with the bacteria

Dangers associated with Legionella

Legionnaires Disease and its effects

Medical Aspects and the Nature of the Bacteria

Legal Obligations

Risk Assessments

And much much more………

Training Outcomes:

Understand what legionella bacteria is

What exposes someone to Legionnaires Disease

Understand the dangers of contracting Legionnaires Disease and its affects

What precautions can be taken to ensure that people are not exposed to legionella.

Recognise establishments legal obligations

Free Risk Assessment Forms.

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